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Safe & Professional Hoe Ram Services Available in Ottawa

If you are faced with having to break up or demolish concrete structures or rocks in Ottawa, a Hoe Ram can be very useful.  That item is available for hire at Brazeau. Unfortunately, for most companies, experienced excavator operators are required to use a Hoe Ram and not every construction company or development business has access to one.

What’s included in our Hoe Ram Services?

At Brazeau, we offer Hoe Ram services in the Ottawa area. Our qualified and experienced team members will operate the Hoe Ram for you (we will provide the Hoe Ram too). The process will involve a site inspection, assessment, and strategic planning for the project. You can expect our excavator operators to work quickly, professionally and, most of all, safely.

When is a Hoe Ram Required?

The Hoe Ram is not just another piece of construction or demolition equipment. It’s quite exceptional in that it can be of use in areas where blasting or jack hammering is not possible due to safety concerns and environmental implications. This means that the equipment is suited to the mining, demolition and construction industries. This item is suitable for big and small hammering jobs.

Why is a professional from Brazeau required to operate the Hoe Ram for you?

Hoe Rams are excavators that are typically hydraulically powered. A foot-operated valve controls the system. As such, the controls of the equipment can be complex, not to mention dangerous. It’s important for the safety of the crew, the equipment and the surrounding environment that the equipment is used correctly.

For safe and efficient Hoe Ram operations, Brazeau is your best bet! We welcome you to request a quotation and more information about this equipment and the associated services that we provide.  At Brazeau, our Hoe Rams are well-maintained and regularly serviced. Our excavator operators are highly skilled and trained in the use of Hoe Ram projects.

For more information, advice, and quotations on the demolition of concrete structures and rock with a Hoe Ram, contact us at Brazeau today.

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