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Heavy-Duty Equipment Float Services Available in Ottawa

If you are looking for professional float services in Ottawa, you have come to the right place. At Brazeau, we offer transportation services for heavy-duty equipment. We make use of specialized equipment and vehicles to ensure safe handling and transportation. Our equipment includes trailers, low bed trailers, and high-performance tractors. In most instances, we transport the likes of oversized excavators, quarry trucks, drill rigs, wheel loaders, cranes and similar, but we are not limited to these vehicles.

Our Heavy-Duty Vehicle Transportation Service

At Brazeau, we provide a heavy-duty vehicle transportation service that caters specifically to our clients’ needs and requirements. We undertake to transport any type and size of equipment with our specialized vehicles, on time. What’s more, our float services are fully insured, for your peace of mind. After all, heavy-duty equipment comes at a hefty cost. Whether you need your own equipment and heavy-duty vehicles transported or you need to hire equipment from us that must be delivered on site, we can assist with knowledgeable professionalism. We handle moves, deliveries and collections, and more.


Request a Quote for Professional Float Services

To provide an accurate float quotation, we will need to be furnished with:

  • The details of the make and model,
  • The size of the equipment,
  • The weight of the equipment,
  • the collection address, and
  • The delivery address (so that distance can be calculated).

If you would prefer for the equipment to be assessed by one of our expert team members, simply get in touch with us and we will make the necessary arrangements.

At Brazeau, we can provide you with safe, reliable, affordable and insured heavy-duty vehicle transportation services over both long and short distances.

For more information and advice on our float services in Ottawa, contact us at Brazeau today.

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