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Safe, Strategic Excavation Services in Ottawa

The construction and mining industries both have requirements for professional excavation services in Ottawa. At Brazeau, we provide the market with efficient excavation services in the area and surrounding regions. We have a can-do approach to all excavation projects: no job is too big or too small. This is illustrated by the fact that we have actively excavated holes as small as just a few cubic yards to holes as large as 100 acres and more. With our professional and experienced team on site, you can expect the project to run quickly, smoothly and according to your specifications.

Who We Offer Our Excavation Services To

At Brazeau, we offer our services to developers, homeowners, construction companies and more. In fact, we are more than happy to tackle absolutely any project in the commercial and residential sector. We can handle anything and everything from the trenching of a site to digging and excavation required for the construction of homes and commercial buildings.


Our Excavation Fleet

We have a fleet of excavation equipment and vehicles of all sizes. This means that we aren’t limited: we can select the right equipment based on the project specifications and the nature of the job and environment. For quick and efficient services, we provide the biggest size equipment possible for the job and the space that you have available. Of course, all our excavator operators are trained and experienced in safe operations. We ensure that minimal damage is imposed on the surrounding environment.  We take safety and environmental protection very seriously.


What’s Involved in Our Excavation Service

When choosing Brazeau for your excavation needs, one of our expert estimators will meet you on the site to:

  • assess the environment, and
  • to discuss your unique project requirements and needs.

We then provide you with professional advice and an accurate quotation. At Brazeau, we save you time and money by implementing your excavation needs in accordance with all safety and environmental regulations.

For more information and advice, contact us at Brazeau today.

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