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Construction & Building Site Preparation Services

Brazeau is a recognized construction company offering site preparation services in the Ottawa area. When it’s time to start building, you need a professional and certified construction company on your side. The first step to any construction project is preparing the site for building.  We have been offering our professional site preparation and construction services since 1952. With the right combination of building materials, construction equipment, and skilled staff members, we can carry out a vast array of civil construction services on your land/property. Site preparation, road installation, property clearing and earth moving as well as management are services that we specialize in.

Our motto of building your projects from the ground up stands firm. You will undoubtedly experience a new level of customer service excellence when working with our team. The staff at Brazeau is highly experienced in transforming the raw land into completed and accurate subdivisions, condominiums or townhouses. When subdividing the property, it is important to understand that there are various aspects involved in the process. In some instances, the project will involve the professional installation of sewer systems, drains, hydro systems and cables. You will find the Brazeau team more than skilled and qualified to assist with these installations. We share your project vision: your desired outcome is our top priority and will be completed with building regulations and compliance in mind.

What is Site Preparation & What Does Our Service Include?

Site preparation is typically handled by an individual who ensures that the property is correctly prepared so that building can start. This person oversees the coordination and communication between all professionals involved including the architect, builder, professional project manager and/or homeowner. The first step is an assessment of the property using digital mapping techniques to ensure that the land can be viewed as a whole. The mapping of the property involves topographical profiles, aerial photos, soil assessment, timber assessment, access analysis, adjacent property lines and more. It provides a good starting point for each team or professional involved in the process. Once this is done, clearing of the property can take place and the actual preparation work can begin. Thereafter, the planning and zoning process is carried out to ensure that the property is developed within regulation. Thereafter a strategic building plan can be set in place covering everything from services delivered to the property to landscaping and finishing touches.


Our site preparation service includes:


  • Removal of vegetation
  • Levelling of the land
  • Holes will be filled and compacted
  • Cutting of trees and stump removal according to authority specifications
  • Benchmark establishment for all parties involved
  • Orientation of trench lines laid out
  • Positioning of building materials to be stacked clearly demarcated
  • Marking the position for the site office, storage shed, guard house and access point for vehicles

Site Preparation Services in Ottawa Carried Out with Safety in Mind

During the site preparation process, we will ensure that our teams work according to the strictest safety standards. We make use of only the best grade, safe and well-maintained machinery. This is for safety and to ensure that projects can be carried out according to specification within the given project time frame.

For your peace of mind, we are a member of The Ottawa Construction Association, Greater Ottawa Home Builder Association and the Greater Ottawa Trucker’s Association and Safety Group. This is a testament to our dedication to compliant construction practices.

Contact us for more information and advice or for a quotation on our site preparation services today.

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