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Q: What is a cubic yard?
A: A cubic yard is 27 cubic feet (3 x 3 x 3) or between 6 to 8 wheelbarrows.


A fine screened field stripped soil which makes a good seed bed for a new lawn or to leveled an existing lawn.

It is ideal for large grading jobs, deep filling areas and raising areas before applying new sod.

It’s recommended to have 3 inches of top soil for sod or turf.

The topsoil provides the density and fertility required for a balanced soil.

Common uses : potting soil, bedding soil, lawn top dressing, incorporated to improve existing soils.

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Ideal for for professional landscapers or home gardeners, black earth provides organic matter to existing soils and therefore improve fertility.

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Garden soil is typically used for garden and flower beds. It can be incorporated to improve existing soils.

Garden mix is a blend of black earth and premium topsoil.

The black earth provides organic matter. It lightens the soil and helps retain moisture to ensure maximum germination.

The topsoil provides the density and fertility required for a balanced soil.

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Fill sand is a fine unwashed sand. It is a material used primarily for fill. It can be used as a packing material or to back fill trenches or holes where good compaction is needed.

There is no organic matter added to it and it compacts very well.

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Granular A 7/8 Minus (22mm)

Ideal for driveways or gravel roads, crushed stone is a well graded crushed material that can be compacted.

It makes a good hard surface for driveways, road and parking lots.

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Clear Stone 3/4 ” (19mm)

Clear stone is a screened material used around house foundations and below concrete slabs. Clear stone is excellent for drainage or groundcover. It can also be used to cover weeping tiles.

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Stone dust is commonly used as a compacted base under patio stones, interlocking stones or Groundcover.

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These type of stones are ideal to decorate near and around the edges of patios and pools. It also is used to make decorative flower arrangements.

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Wood Chips – Cedar Mulch

Wood chips or cedar mulch is shredded cedar bark and is primarily used as a decorative groundcover as well as a weed controller. It is light brown or red in color and decomposes slowly. It is an excellent groundcover for rose bushes.

It also has great particularity for moisture retention.

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